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We’ve got a sample and fell in love with it immediately!

LDT have out done themselves with this build! Nylon build with Metal Gears! The gearbox also includes a working mechanical blow back feature and YES OF COURSE THE HK SLAP IS DOABLE!

Now I’ve added the front strike compensator, rail mount and sight but this is just a quick easy thing you can do with no modding your shell or requiring extra pieces to attach anything on!

Who needs to know more after that?! Well here’s another cool piece of information. It comes with a BIG battery! Running 11.1v the Stock can easily store 2 of our Turnigy 1300MAH 11.1v batteries making swapping batts super quick on the field!

What else? The MP5 will also give you options for stock and handguard changes! It pulls apart super easily with just 3 pins removed and take off the upper receiver and boom! You got access to your gearbox!

Oh and it comes with a very nice Rifle Bag! It’s good quality and feels and looks a lot better than what came with the HK416 V3. That’s saying a lot!

Our price and exact release date is TBA and we’ll keep you all in the lurch!

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