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NSW Firearm Charges: NOT GUILTY!

You’ll be pleased to hear that after a 3 year battle against NSW DPP, Brad Towner of Armoured Heaven, before a Jury of 12 at Penrith District Court, was declared Not Guilty to all 66 counts of Firearm Charges!


The charges included airgun firearms, prohibited firearms, ammunition and finally Carry on Activity of Unauthorised Firearm Dealer.

Sensibly a Jury of 12, within 26 minutes of deliberation, all came to the common sense decision that a business selling toys cannot be conducting business of selling illegal firearms and my legal team and Firearm Expert produced an astounding amount of evidence to prove this!

I am so happy to have that mentally and financially draining battle over. This cost me a lot both business and personal life. I lost my marriage and prospects of family with also saying goodbye to the first 2 dogs I have ever had the opportunity to own. I lost a lot of opportunity with building up Armoured Heaven within the state as well as nationally.

Now the torture and tears are done with, I’m happy to announce I can finally put some proper focus into Armoured Heaven and we’re already on our feet rebuilding!

Thank you everyone who threw in a donation to our Go Fund Me. I know I didn’t promote it much near the end, but I preferred people buy a toy from us so you’d walk away with something for your money other than good feelings! Every dollar we fought for in this healthy competitive industry made us that much closer to the best and worst $100,000 I have ever had to spend at once! To be honest we just made it, and now I promise you all we’ll be able to offer much greater prospects of stock and upgrade parts since I don’t have a major bill hanging over my head!

So what’s next for NSW? Well we have to encourage healthy change in attitude towards Gel Blasters. Whilst we won our case and set an amazing precedence for the state courts, NSWPOL are still attempting to discredit and treat my products as illegal, thus imposing upon people’s freedoms in owning what is a toy. We are developing a plan for this and I have every confidence this issue is easily resolved with the hierarchy of NSWPOL, as many “boots on the ground” officers see these toys as nothing else but toys. We all agree of course that just like QPS POL, any wrongful behaviour should be dealt with swiftly and appropriately, as one would expect with people who choose to drive dangerously for example.

I leave you with this and will continue to update everyone through the blog a lot more now my mind is clear and not worried if I would be sentenced to a lengthy jail time. It feels great to not have that heavy burden!

Kind and Thankful Regards,

Brad Towner
Armoured Heaven


  • Terry Walters Posted 24/02/2020 2:44 pm

    Thank you Brad its about time these Nanny State fools that act as the policeman, the judge and the jury enforcing their own interpretation of the law BUT not the actual interpretation of the law were taken to task ! And I hope your lawyers can sue them to recover costs and damages to you life and character !

  • Ryan McConkey Posted 25/02/2020 11:30 am

    I would have thought the prosecution’s abject failure in showing the accused’s “mens rea” directed the not guilty verdict.

    The “mens rea” is a concept in criminality called the guilty mind. They had to show old mate was engaging in deliberate criminality.

  • Wayne Posted 20/07/2020 11:39 pm

    Nice one Brad. Good to see a jury of your peers has more common sense than the government, police and border forces.
    Hopefully sometime soon we will start to see some rationality start to appear in this joke nanny / police state of a country.

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