Custom LDT MP5SD

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Customised LDT MP5 fitted with an SD Kit. Original Battery, Handguard, Drum Magazine and LDT Rifle Bag are obviously included.

The Handguard, if choosing to front wire in the future, is capable of housing a 1200MAH 11.1v Turnigy Battery quite comfortably. The existing standard stock utilises the included 1800MAH 11.1v battery.


Internal Upgrades

  • M100 Spring
  • Ausgel 7.5mm Barrel
  • Slimline Hop Up

External Upgrades

  • SD Kit


As above but we also rewire the battery lead to the Handguard so as the Folding Stock can work properly. A 1200mah 11.1v Turnigy sized battery is more than capable of fitting inside.

We can also on request convert your blaster battery plug to a Deans type.

NOTE : With this option, you cannot use the stock 1800mah 11.1v battery due to its size. We’d recommend this option only to those whom have the correct sized battery.