Custom Army Armament 4.3 "Rainbow" R603

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Custom Tuned 4.3 Hi Capa

Along with the below features, it has also received

  • 300 FPS Boost
  • Custom Polished Brass Barrel 
  • Complete Tune + Air Seal Overhaul/Improvement
  • AIP Enhanced Recoil Spring Kit 
  • Cow Cow Rainbow RM1 Guide Rod
  • Cow Cow Rainbow Stainless Steel Grip Screw Set
  • Cow Cow Rainbow T2 Adjustable Trigger
  • Cow Cow Rainbow Match Grade SS Hammer
  • Cow Cow Rainbow Match Grade T01 Magwell
  • Cow Cow Rainbow Dottac Mag Base Plate
  • Cow Cow BBU


  • Stippled Grip
  • Green Gas Magazine
  • High out put valve
  • Threaded Orange tip - Can be unscrewed for other attachments
  • Metal Magwell
  • Fibre optic sight
  • Rail mount
  • Adjustable Metal Trigger