Custom Army Armament Costa R501 2011

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Custom Build. When ordering, please allow time for this to be built as they are made to order

Along with the below features, it has also received

  • 300+ FPS Boost
  • Custom Polished Brass Barrel
  • Complete Tune + Air Seal Overhaul/Improvement

Costa Luous engraved slide Hi Capa

This Gas Pistol runs a 5.1 Grip + Frame with a 4.3 Slide and Compensator look utilising an Island Front Iron Sight and Outer Barrel.

What this does is improves your accuracy over free floating outer barrels.

Army Armament - R501 2011 - Black

Brought to you by Atomic Armoury and Army Armament, the all new standard in quality has arrived. The Army Armament 2011 (Hi-Capa) R501 - Black is a high quality blaster, average over 220 FPS. Powered by green gas, these feature a high out put valve. The particular model has a fixed out barrel, giving more accuracy, as the top half is more secure in its operation.


  • 240+ FPS 
  • Stippled Grip
  • Fixed Outer Barrel for better accuracy
  • Green Gas Magazine
  • High out put valve
  • Threaded Orange tip - Can be unscrewed for other attachments
  • Metal Magwell
  • Fibre Optic Sight
  • Rail mount
  • Adjustable Metal Trigger