Custom SLR M4 "Shockwave" Custom

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SLR M4 "Shockwave" Custom comes with 2 options to select. The standard SLR V2 Gearbox OR with an LDX Advanced V2 Metal Gearbox. Both options come with the below upgrades. Blaster is compatible with LDT HK416 standard and Glow Mags.


  • 12” Purple Keymod Metal Handguard w/3x extra Rails
  • Purple Buffer Tube
  • Purple Dust Cover
  • M100 Spring
  • Black O Ring 
  • 12mm Hop Up
  • Ausgel Barrel 7.5mm ID
  • SLR Extended Outer Barrel
  • Kublai SLR Flash Hider
  • BCM Forward Grip
  • R1X Red Dot Sight
  • Blackhawk Stock
  • M300 Surefire Torch w/Pressure Pad
  • Pressure Pad Rail Mount
  • Boslipo w/Deans Plug Conversion (Blaster + Battery)

LDX Features

  • LDX Advanced Metal Gearbox
  • Big RRR Mosfet programmed for Binary Fire & Auto Mag Prime
  • Ace Tech Battery w/Deans Plug Conversion (Blaster + Battery)
  • Leviathan Mosfet

Want the Tsunami Rifle Case with it? Contact us to add it to your order for a special price of just $50!

We can also add more/different accessories, ie Red Dot Sight or Forward Grip ,to your build! Anything available on our website! Contact us and we'll happily accommodate your custom build!