Guarder / WE Tech Custom 4.3 Infinity Hi Capa Gas Pistol

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Our tech has expertly crafted an amazing combination to give you one of the ultimate performing pistols on the market!

We've combined Guarder branded upper parts on a We Tech Lower to give maximum precision to an easily affordable build!

Pistol is also Short Stroked using a Cow Cow kit

Guarder Features:

  • 4.3 Infinity Slide
  • Light Weight Nozzle Housing / BBU
  • Nozzle & Valve Set
  • Steel Iron Sights

We Tech Features:

  • Stippled grip for extra hold even with gloves
  • Custom trigger design
  • Silver Barrel, Fluted Base, Trigger, Hammer and Beaver tail Safety
  • Custom WET Slide
  • WET Trademarked Barrel
  • Beaver tail grip Safety
  • Ambidextrous Hammer lock safety
  • Large trigger guard for easy access whilst wearing gloves
  • Threaded outer barrel for attaching suppressors
  • Railed lower frame for attaching Lasers and Torches