HWASAN Mad Max Double Barrel Shotgun Gel Blaster

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Made by the Taiwanese company Hwasan, this rifle is undoubtedly a treat for fans of post-apocalyptic Movies or games such as MAD MAX or S.T.A.L.K.E.R.  Sawed-off shotgun is a type of shotgun with a shorter gun barrel—typically under 18 inches (46 cm)—and often a shortened or absent stock

The quality of the workmanship is high level – the pistol grip and the bed are made of solid varnished wood. Other elements such as barrels, body and mechanisms are made of metal. Plastic is only found in the barrel’s rubber covers/shock absorbers and cartridge seals.

The shotgun is powered by 2 cartridges with green gas. Each time you press the trigger, the entire contents of the cartridges are fired, which in combination with the 2 triggers allows you to shoot from both barrels.


  • Full Metal Frame and Barrel Assembly
  • Heavy Duty Real Wood Wood Furniture
  • Dual-Trigger, Double Barrel Design
  • Heavy Duty Locking Break Lever
  • Uses High Power Gas Shotgun Shells (2x included)
  • On-Frame Safety Switch
  • Compact, Heavyweight Build
  • Fixed Iron Sights

FPS Range: Not tested yet with new barrel but possibly over 400

Colour: Black / Wood

Length: 470mm
Weight: 1560g
Gas Type: Green Gas, Propane
Fire Modes: Single Shot, Safety
Package Includes: Gun, 2x Shells


Type: Gas Shotgun Gel Blaster

  • Material: Wood/Metal
  • Uses: 7 – 8 mm gel ammo
  • Energy Source: Green Charge to shell
  • Velocity:  330+ FPS
  • Maximum Range: 25 Meters
  • Effective Range: 15 Meters