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Who would be keen on a Mystery Secret Santa?! Open for Teams, Families, Social/Friend Groups. 🎅

Basically you as a team agree on dollar value to spend ($10/$20/$50) from the 3 options in the pictures, and pick someone from within your group out of a hat and then purchase from one of the 3 tiers.

From there I randomly select 1 item from that tier and it’s the gift you give to your “Secret Santa”. It’ll be gift wrapped in Xmas paper for extra coolness with a To/From gift tag.

Benefits of this “game”: You’re getting a discount on the item ie the $50 tier is all $60-70 items.

Other benefit is it’ll be a complete surprise over what’s given for all involved!

For a further fun experience, we can arrange a weekend to host an unwrapping day if you’re local to my shop, OR I mail out in a box all the gifts for the team if you’re out of area!