Tactical T-Shirt Short Sleeve Top

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  • Comfortable: RATON fibre is a good conductor of heat, made of cotton lycra, using fishnet technology. Absorb sweat during exercise and stay comfortable
  • Rapid Cooling: The fishnet accelerates heat dissipation so that you will feel comfortable after exercise
  • Durable: Combed cotton material goes with elastic fibre, strong and tear resistant
  • Tactical Design: There are tactical zipper bags and pencil bags on the shoulder for quick access
  • High and Weak Active Fabric: After stretching and recovery several times, you will find that fine and soft fabric's elastic resilience is strong, giving you a different experience
  • Handsome Stand Collar: Stand collar design is able and stylish. There is a protective cover to keep your chin and neck comfortable
  • Ribbon Zipper: the extended ribbon zipper is more convenient to open and close.
  • Sports Suture and Blended Pull-up Cloth: The underarm, back and shoulders sports parts are stitched with multiple sheets. The fabric is blended with combed cotton, elastic fibre, permeable fibre, which is full of elasticity
  • Suede Hook & Loop and Armband: There are 2 tactical zipper bags on the shoulders for easy access. The suede armband for easy attachment of individual armbands.
  • Jacquard Mesh Fabric: RAYON fibre blended jacquard fabric has better air permeability, twice as much as cotton, and no sticky feel