WE TECH G35 W.E.T T5 G-FORCE GBB Gel Blaster - Black/Silver/Black

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WE TECH G35 WET T5 G-FORCE GBB Gel Blaster Pistol (Black/Silver/Black)

WE Glock 35 is a gas blowback pistol with a semi and full-auto firing function. It is Glock’s one of the two longest versions with polymer body and metal slide. It has an upper front-end slide opening for a visible outer barrel and for reducing the overall weight of the slide.

WE TECH gas blow back pistols represent some of the best value pistols world wide as high performers and reliability above their price tag, these Gelsoft versions are no different!


  • Metal Slide with WE custom design, discrete ejector and slide buffer.
  • Comes with metal outer barrel with WE marking and ready for attaching silencer adapter.
  • Comes with fibre iron sights.
  • Comes with Polymer Lower Frame with we marking, standard slide stop, large magazine catch, custom trigger set and magwell.
  • Realistic trigger function same as real steel.
  • Semi / Full Auto Pistol Shooting Mode.


  • Model: Glock (G35 G-Series T5)
  • Type: GBB
  • Colour: (BK/SV/BK)
  • Propulsion: Green Gas
  • Muzzle Velocity: 300+ FPS
  • Material: Metal Slide/Lower: Reinforced Polymer
  • Gel Type: Ultra Elite 7-8mm/AKA
  • Inner Barrel ID: 7.1mm
  • Inner Barrel Material: alloy
  • Overall Blaster Size: 220mm
  • Shooting mode: Safety, Single, Auto
  • Blowback: Yes
  • Ambidextrous: No
  • Rounds/QTY: 14-16 Gels