Aztech Adjustable CNC T-Piece

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Well here it is.
Aztech have designed the t piece to be adjustable allowing adjustments by thousandths of millimetre by adjusting the black adjuster ring.  Adjusting the t piece longer brings the feed tube of the t piece away from the gearbox.

Depending on the outer barrel adaptor used, the wings on the t piece may need modifying to suit universal setups no different to any other universal product.

This 6061 billet CNC T piece is the ideal t-piece for tuning the Aztech APACHE, HPA nozzles and gear box conversions to different receivers including ARP type receivers.

Internally these suit Aztech rubber tips and other tips similar sized, including Kublai and War Interest.

Once set, tested and happy with the position, we recommend using a red low strength Loctite or 4 layers of thread tape to set the adjustable face into position so it does not self adjust and move in use affecting performance.

This t piece may not suit all applications, we have used these in most receiver types, makes and models with great success. But being a universal product we can not grantee any fitment on non specific combinations.

These are a direct fit for APS receivers using APS and Scythe gearboxes.
These require minor dremel work to the side locator wings for ARP and Wells receiver/outer barrel