THUNDER B - Pineapple Noise Maker

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Thunder B - Pineapple Grenade:

  • 1x Main Core (Re-Useable)
  • 1x 12 Pk Pineapple Grenade Shells (Disposable)


  • Low-impact CO2 air burst is safe and effective
  • One-time-use shells are easy to replace
  • Non-pyrotechnic design ideal for use in all weather and environments
  • Core design uses replaceable 12gram CO2 cartridges

Thunder B grenades have been the industry leading standard in non-pyrotechnic simulation grenade / distraction devices for years. Thunder B grenades use a safety pin / spoon design very similar to a real grenade. The grenade produces an approx 110db bang when the plastic shell splits under pressure. Each shell is one-time-use; simply replace the CO2 cartridge in the grenade "core", thread on another shell and you're ready to rock! The core and pin are re useable