Transformers Starscream

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Includes converting Starscream figure, 2 blasters, 2 Prime Armour accessories, Seeker Enigma accessory, collector card, and instructions._x000D_\n<h4>Transform from Decepticon Air Commander to the notorious Starscream</h4>_x000D_\n<h4>Ever hear of 1000 second chances? Starscream is the king of second chances when it comes to Megatron's mercy. Constant attempts to usurp power from the mighty Decepticon's grasp has failed. But maybe not now?</h4>_x000D_\n<h4>Starscream comes ready to rock and roll with the ability to combine with other deluxe figures forming up his limbs. Without skipping leg day, you could say Starscream is Swolscream!</h4>