Waldo Customs “Buff” Hi-Capa Short Stroke Kit

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Short stroking allows any form of Airsoft system to cycle quicker and more efficiently. These two things are important to me at Waldo Customs, so they have tailored together a customizable short stroke kit for the Gel Soft Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol.This kit includes two degrees of hardness of buffers: Yellow (soft), Black (hard) and two washers for protection. Additionally, the yellow buffers are slightly thicker than the black, allowing you to create even more combinations of recoil and cycle style.This kit was designed in mind for those players who truly want to exceed with their cycle speed, allowing for full customization of how their Hi Capa performs.

Waldo Customs “Buff” Hi-Capa Short Stroke Kit Features
  • 3 Thicker and softer, yellow collars
  • 4 Thinner and harder, black collars
  • 2 Slim aluminium washers to shim the setup.
Manufacturer: Waldo Customs
Specifications: Material: Aluminium Alloy and 2 stiffness’s of rubber collar
Compatibility: Most Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Gel Blaster Pistols
Package Includes: Slim metal washers x2, Yellow buffers (Soft, 5mm thick) x3 and Black buffers (Hard, 3mm thick) x5.



Material: Metal Washer and rubber buffers
Compatibility: Most Hi Capa Gel Soft Pistols
Package Includes:
  • Slim metal washers x2
  • Yellow buffers (Soft, 5mm thick) x3
  • Black buffers (Hard, 3mm thick) x5