3D Printed Kit - Sci Fi Combat Evolved Pistol for Glock Gel Blaster

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3D Printed Kit designed for use with your Glock G17 Gel Blaster Gas Pistol. 


  • Representation of Master Chief’s sidearm
  • Smooth finish on all pieces
  • Keeps operation of Glock Gas Pistol
  • Easy Disassembly from Base Glock


We aim to achieve the best compatibility across all models of Glock Gel Blasters in our industry by having this kit Universal. However please select what base model you want so we can make any appropriate adjustments if required.

Tokyo Marui / Guarder / WE Tech / Armorer Works / Kublai P1 / Army Armament / Double Bell 


  • 1x Screw and 1x Bolt w/Nut for securing slide to Ironsight screw point and Frame’s 20mm Rail Point


It's expected you look after your kit. We understand 3D printed kits can sometimes be fragile so if anything unexpectedly breaks please contact us and we’ll assist. 

If a part breaks and requires to be reprinted, ie a pistol is dropped, the cost is only 50% of the kit RRP.