SW Aliens M41A Pulse Rifle AEG Gel Blaster (SW-11-OD)

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Pre Order Now, for this “limited edition” run of a truly Iconic Movie Replica.

“I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is an M41A Pulse Rifle. Ten millimetre, with over-and-under thirty millimetre pump action grenade launcher.” ―Cpl. Hicks, to Ripley (from predominantly Aliens 1986 and in cameo on Alien 3 1992, used by the Weyland-Yutani commandos)

Meet the Snow Wolf M41A Pulse Rifle AEG. This weapon is a beautiful replica of the service rifle carried by the 22nd Century Colonial Marines in James Cameron’s iconic and Oscar winning big screen movies ‘Aliens and Aline 3’. True to the screen model, this fabulous replica is based on a Metal Thompson AEG Gel Blaster, with Nylon Polymer Furniture and replica under-barrel launcher. The Digital countdown LED is fully functional, counting your shots down from 95 to zero, obviously this is a nice touch and purely a cosmetic feature. As the Gel Magazine will hold approximately 180-200 gels, depending on Gel Size.

The ammo counter on the gun is an operational unit that works with 9V batteries. The ammo counter starts off at 95 rounds, and will reset when you change magazines. If you wish to not use this function, you could remove the battery or switch it off. The gun also features a mock under barrel pump shotgun, but it is just for aesthetics, this is the battery compartment where you can insert your battery to power the rifle.

SW Aliens M41A1 Pulse Rifle AEG Gel Blaster (SW-11-OD) Features:

  • Nylon Polymer / Metal Construction
  • Semi & Fully Automatic Shooting Mode
  • Full metal Magazine
  • Digital countdown LED display function for count your rifle shooting (LED counter starts from 95 to zero)
  • Metal Gear & Gearbox
  • Velocity: TBA After Testing on Arrival
  • Propulsion / Powered by: AEG
  • Gearbox version: V6 Gearbox
  • Type of fire: Single, Auto
  • Retractable Stock
  • Mock Under Barrel Shotgun.
  • Length: 680-780 MM
  • Inner barrel length: 270MM
  • Weight: 3735g
  • Magazine type: Hi-Cap magazine
  • Magazine capacity: Approx. 180 – 200 Gels
  • Blow Back: NO
  • Materials: Plastic + Metal

Built on a Snow Wolf Thompson AEG Rifle with working digital round counter display. A digital counter starts at 95 rounds and as the gun is supplied with a magazine that holds more than 95 rounds, the counter needs to be reset by removing the magazine and then re-inserting.

Ammo Size:
7 – 8 mm

Please note, images are for illustration purposes only, as the stock has not yet arrived for us to take actual photos, the only changes should be internal, when converting from BB’s to Gel Balls etc.