Aztech 8mm Low Profile Bushes 440 Stainless V2 Gearbox for Gel Ball

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Custom made CNC bushes by Aztech Innovations

Manufactured from 440 grade stainless steel with rock well hardness of 60HRC

Machined to 8mm (8.02mm ) to within 0.001mm tolerances. These are made .02 of a mm oversize to ensure a snug fit with out warping the gearbox from over tension. 

We recommend a light press or bearing tool for installation. Do not Impact with a hammer or blunt force tooling to ensure no damage is caused to the gearbox.  We highly recommend using a JB Weld Original epoxy as an adhesive to bond the bushes into place to ensure they can not move or come loose in the gearbox.

Suits V2 and V3 style gearbox's - gel ball and airsoft compatible.  May be too shallow for some nylon gearboxes to be securely retained.
These do not suit Singularity 13 Gen 8 Gearboxes.

Includes 6x Bushes

Stainless bushes must be lubricated with a high quality bearing and gear grease.  We highly recommend Nulon Xtreme Performance Grease with PTFE (L80) which is a blend of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fluorocarbon particles in a specially prepared lithium-based, water-repellent grease. 

PTFE L80 keeps water and dust out while a plating of PTFE is applied to the mating surfaces under working conditions. Seal performance is improved and operating temperature reduced, resulting in less grease "throw". L80 is the perfect grease for our CNC bushes and gears.

L80 has a continuous temperature operating range of -9°C to 150°C