Custom AAP-01 GBB Gel Blaster Grey Assassin

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Customised AAP01 Utilising CTM and AAP coloured brand parts

Custom Build

  • CTM-TAC Superlight Bolt/BBU
  • CNC Aluminium Rear Upper
  • CNC Aluminium Front Outer Barrel Type 6
  • CNC Aluminium Rail Set
  • Titanium Tactical Industry CNC Selector Switch + Charge Handle
  • Titanium Tactical Industry CNC Adjustable Trigger
  • Titanium Tactical Industry CNC Aluminium Magwell

Although the AAP-01 Assassin is Action Army’s own design, its rather unique looks are based largely on the Ruger Mark IV, a 22 calibre target pistol known for its vintage shape and competition-level accuracy.

Unlike the Mark IV, however, Action army has cut various grooves and channels into the AAP-01’s frame and outer barrel, making it a little easier to grip when racking and gives it a little bit more of an angular look.   The gun itself is a little shorter and, being made of polymer rather than metal, is considerably more lightweight  but good use of metal internally in the bolt, barrel and magazine giving it decent weight but not making it too heavy.

This gel blaster pistol has been highly anticipated by many players for it’s light yet fast blowback action and loads of upgrade accessories.  It also has the ability to shoot in semi auto or full auto with the click of a switch and since it uses standard Glock -series magazines you should be able to easily find higher capacity extended mags or at least extra mags when needed.


  • Brand: Action Army
  • Model: AAP-01
  • Material: Plastic/ABS/Aluminium Alloy/Steel
  • Uses: 7 – 8 mm/0.2g gel ammo
  • Source: Green Gas
  • Capacity rounds: 14
  • Power FPS: up to 300
  • Velocity: 90 m/s
  • Hop Up: N/A
  • Overall length: 230 mm