Custom Guarder P226 E2 Black Steel Ver.

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Our first Custom Scratch Built Guarder Steel SIG P226 Gas Pistol Gel Blaster

Please allow time for any Custom Gas Pistol to be built and tested. Some are pre built ready to go and so we may take a few days to ensure all built parts are up to working order with our testing prior to it leaving the shop.

Bundled Package Deal! We decided to put a nice little package deal together and have these Special Gas Pistols as well priced as possible. We're aware they are expensive, so we'll be taking all the care in the world to ensure these are built with the utmost delicate care!

Listed below are the Upgrade parts utilised in the build. 

Includes FREE Pistol Case

Base Model : Guarder SIG P226 Steel Version

Guarder Build Features

  • Aluminium CNC Slide Set for MARUI P226/E2 (Black/Late Ver. Marking)
  • Aluminium Frame Complete Set For MARUI P226 (E2/Black)
  • BBU/Light Weight Nozzle Housing For Guarder P226 Slide
  • BBU Enhanced Nozzle Spring
  • Recoil Spring 150%
  • Hammer Spring 150%
  • Front Sight Clip for MARUI M&P9/P226
  • Steel CNC Recoil Spring Guide for MARUI P226/E2(2020 New Ver./Black)
  • Enhanced Piston Lid for MARUI P226 Rail
  • Steel Threaded Outer Barrel for TM P226 (14mm Negative)
  • Steel Dummy Fire Pin for MARUI/KJ P226
  • Enhanced Piston Head Set for MARUI/KJ P226
  • Steel Hammer for Marui P226 Series
  • Steel Sight Set for MARUI P226
  • Front Sight Clip for MARUI P226
  • Enhanced Chamber Set for MARUI P226/P226 E2
  • Enhanced Loading Muzzle & Valve Set for MARUI P226/E2
  • Light Weight Aluminium Magazine For MARUI P226/E2 (Black)
  • Airtight Rubber for MARUI P226/E2 Magazine

Note: Current mag lips design does not allow for slide lock. Future designs will account for this in the future and a new mag lip will be sent to existing customers.

Gas Type: 12kg Green Gas only for this pistol - PLEASE NOTE USING C02 IN THIS PISTOL WILL VOID WARRANTY. 


  • Guarder Custom Gel Blaster SIG P226 GBB Pistol x 1
  • Standard SIG P226 Magazine x 1


  • We've Tested working; AUSGEL ULTRA GELS for no more than 3 hour grow in water. Other hardened gels will work with various optimised growing times.

    3 Month Warranty on this product with proper use and Maintenance. Misuse will void your warranty.