Dr Black 120% Enhanced Loading Nozzle Spring for Hi Capa 3 pack

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Upgrade your Hi Capa or 1911 pistol with the Dr. Black 120% Enhanced Loading Nozzle Spring, designed for faster cycling and consistent feeding. This high-quality spring is an essential upgrade if you are enhancing your recoil spring or short-stroking your pistol. With 120% cycling power, this spring ensures stable nozzle movement and rapid resetting for reliable performance on both stock and modified builds.

Compatible with both plastic and metal loading nozzles, this spring boasts higher durability compared to stock springs in Gas pistols. The stiffer nozzle spring resets the nozzle more rapidly, allowing for consistent feeding on short-stroked and faster cycling pistol builds without affecting gas efficiency. The Dr. Black 120% Enhanced Loading Nozzle Spring is one of the best quality 120% nozzle springs available on the market, offering both improved performance and durability.

Easy to install and requiring no special tools or maintenance, this spring is exclusively designed for Tokyo Marui Spec Hi Capa and 1911 models. Each package includes three springs, ensuring you have spares on hand for future use or replacement.


  • 120% cycling power for faster and consistent feeding
  • Stable nozzle movement
  • Designed for Tokyo Marui Spec Hi Capa 5.1 / 4.3 / 1911
  • Higher durability than stock springs
  • Easy installation
  • Package includes 3 springs


Manufacturer: Dr. Black
Model: 120% Enhanced Loading Nozzle Spring For TM Hicapa 5.1 / 4.3 / 1911
Package Includes: 3x Springs