Nine Ball Hi-Capa Aluminium Mount Base NEO Heat Gradation

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Nine Ball Hi-Capa 5.1/4.3 Aluminium Mount Base NEO Black

● Lightweight aluminum alloy!
● Special plated finish gives it a rainbow metal quenching appearance!

"Heat gradation" style achieved through special plating and light technology!

■ Mount Base NEO for Hi-CAPA 5.1/4.3

A super lightweight mount base for all shooters out there! Weighs in at a low 40 grams!

Can be attached as is via the Hi-CAPA's slide stop hole and grip screw hole. The four-directional adjustable rail (forward, back, left, and right) allows for precision fine-tuning.

Best of all, despite the product's top-side design, it comes with its own slide stop, meaning the slide can still lock in place! The stop is long and slim too, ensuring easy one-handed operation.

Perfect for both shooting matches and airsoft games alike!

■ Brand:

■ Colour:
・Heat gradation

■Compatibility: Tokyo Marui Spec GBB Series