Nine Ball Hi Capa Series - "2 Way Fixed" Non-Recoiling Outer Barrel - ZANSHIN 残心

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HI CAPA SERIES - "2 Way Fixed" Non-Recoiling Outer Barrel - ZANSHIN 残心

●14mm CCW Threaded Muzzle Cap.
●Lightweight, precision machined aluminium.

Made for the Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 gas blowback series. The combination of set grub screws and high strength aluminium alloy outer barrel make for a highly stable shooting platform. Choose between a non-threaded outer barrel cap for normal use, or a 14mm CCW threaded muzzle cap for infinite attachments. The outer barrel is also negatively threaded so 11mm positive threaded attachments can slide right in! 

"LayLax Zanshin Series" What is the Japanese concept of "Zanshin"?

Special Japanese paint hand crafted and painted by our in-house artist and 4D design team. Combining both Japanese fine arts and martial arts for the perfect mixture of Japanese craftsmanship. "Zanshin", literally "remaining mind" is the Japanese martial art concept of total awareness to react and follow up your next attack calmly, yet precisely. Own of piece of Japanese traditional culture while sporting your very own custom Hi Capa. Limited edition Japanese painted Hi Capa Series "Zanshin" Coming 2022 to exclusive LayLax dealers near you.

■Brand: Nine Ball

・Metal Outer Barrel ×1
・Normal Muzzle Cap ×1
・SAS 14mm CCW Threaded Cap ×1
・Hex Grub Screws ×2

■Compatibility: Tokyo Marui Spec GBB Series

■Material: Aluminium Alloy