Nine Ball SOCOM Mk23 Breakout Holster

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SOCOM Mk23 Breakout Holster

●Quick draw holster with superior retention
●The paddle and holster can be detached with one simple button.
●360 degree adjustability with 24 different positions!
●Military grade polymer for ultimate durability and strength.
●Can be equipped with a variety of LayLax accessory options.
●Compatible with the "Gungnir Custom Slide"!
●Compatible with stock suppressor and lights!

・The break action opens at a 40 degree angle for easy drawing and easing stowing.
・The rounded paddle forms to your waistline for a better fit with your belt.
・Firm and positive "click" when reinserting your handgun, and manual lock for an extra level of retention.
・Quickly and smoothly draw your handgun with a touch of the release button.
・Freely change the angle of your holster to accommodate for different draw styles and body types, a full 360 degrees of adjustable freedom and 24 different secure positions!
・Works with both the stock TM slide as well as the LayLax Gungnir Custom Slide.
・Fits both stock suppressor and LAM unit as well as after market
・Holstered Compatibility with slim suppressors and tracers when paired with our Mk23 2way outer barrel!

■Brand: Battle Style

・Holster ×1
・Paddle ×1

■Compatibility: Tokyo Marui Spec MK23