Nine Ball SOCOM Mk23 Light Trigger Pull Kit w/ Green Gas Valve

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SOCOM MK23 Lightweight Trigger Kit INTERNATIONAL Version (Green Gas)

●Fine tuned trigger unit for the perfect balance of speed and performance
●High-grade and light-weight duralumin build
●Keep your aim on target with a shorter reset and lighter wall

The NineBall Mk23 Lightweight Trigger kit aims to optimize and recalibrate the settings of the Socom Mk23 by fine tuning both the trigger unit itself and modifying the gas system. The lightweight hammer and hammer spring decrease the amount of force required to reciprocate the trigger mechanism, making for a exceptionally lighter trigger pull. The shorter travel between the wall and reset greatly reduce the amount of movement made between shots, keeping your shots on point every time.

To compensate for the reduced force required to action the trigger, we've also re-engineering the knocker and the gas valve to suit green gas. The result is the perfect balance of lightened trigger pull, gas efficiency, and pristine performance. No more heavy triggers, optimize your Mk23 today!

■Brand: Nine Ball

・Lightweight Hammer x1
・Short stroked knocker x1
・Lightweight Hammer Spring x1
・Specialty Green Gas Valve x1

※IMPORTANT: Please note that the included valve, is REQUIRED for the system to function while using Green Gas, failure to install the valve in your magazines may lead to malfunctions or failure to cycle. Spare valves for spare magazines are also available separately.

■Compatibility: Tokyo Marui Spec MK23