Custom Inner Barrel for WE/AW Barrel Chamber

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Custom 7mm Inner Diameter Barrels.

Inner Barrels are cut to spec based on the brand of Inner Barrel Housing/Chamber of your Gas Pistol. Please select the correct option for you.

When purchasing, leave a note in your order advising us what pistol this is for (include brand and name please) as Outer Diameters on barrels are different depending on the brand of Pistol you're using. This is so we can make the correct notches to fit the Chamber and Outer Barrel set up of your pistol. If unsure, contact us with a photo of your gel blaster.

Also include as a note the length of barrel you'd like if wanting specific size. This doesn't cost any extra. If no note for barrel length, we'll cut to the spec you've selected.

Some spec inner barrels will require your inner barrel lathed down to fit within the Outer Barrel. Therefore, colour of barrel will be different than photographed.

We currently make these barrels to suit a wide variety of pistol brands such as;

  • Tokyo Marui
  • Guarder
  • Army Armament
  • Armourer Works
  • We Tech
  • Killer Innovations
  • GBF
  • Double Bell
  • Golden Eagle

For anything specific, OR if you're unsure, please contact us and we'll work with you for correct measurements.