SFL Pistol Holster

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Amazing holsters and a personal use of mine when I go play! Compatible with a wide range of GBB Pistols and Torches; ie O-Light, Surefire, TLR etc

Best suited for;

  • Variety of GBB Pistols whilst also utilising optional Pistol Torch
    • Hi Capa Series including 6-7" versions such as WE Black Dragon
    • Beretta Series
    • Glock Series
    • USP
    • 1911 Series
    • XTP Series
  • Ambidextrous! (Right Hand and Left Hand compatible)
  • Extended attachments are compatible with a holster once you remove bottom screw that acts as a stopper! Ie a Hop Up, Tracer Units, Compensators, Mock Suppressors or just longer based pistols such as the WE Black Dragons