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2nd Pre Order Batch ETA December

The Desert Eagle will include an upgraded Metal Slide

Perfect for use with Green Gas!

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui
Colour: Black


Gas Type: Green Gas
Firing Mode: Single Action Semi Automatic, Safety
System: Gas Blowback
Package Includes: Pistol & Magazine


  • Large solid frame and slide
  • Intimidating design
  • Hard kick blowback
  • Crisp, audible mechanics
  • Slide mounted safety
  • Single action hammer
  • 20mm railed barrel (mount not included)
  • Unparalleled Japanese build and quality control

The Desert Eagle is undoubtedly one of the largest and hardest kicking handguns on the Gel Blaster market today. Manufactured by IMI since 1984 in real steel format, the Desert Eagle was actually designed by American firm Magnum Research in Minneapolis, USA. The large framed gun recoils with a menacing kick each time the trigger is pulled. Strong recoil spring means that the slide locks back into place with a crisp and solid report. Being one of the most satisfying Gel Blasters to look at and to shoot, it's no wonder the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle has always been one of TM's top sellers.


6 Month Warranty on this product with proper use and Maintenance. Misuse will void your warranty.