Tokyo Marui 5.1 DOR Hi-Capa Gel Blaster

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Tokyo Marui DOR (Direct Optic Ready) 5.1 Hi-Capa

Includes Free Pistol Case

Original Magazine with Armourer Works Magazine Lip

D.O.R (Direct Optics Ready) model that can be equipped with optional "Micro Prosite" appears in Tokyo Marui's high capacity series!

It is now possible to create a new slide with a special design and “mount it without mounting” the microprosite to a “lower position”. In addition, the model has been upgraded everywhere, based on the conventional gas blowback high-capacity series, such as improved operability by reviewing the internal mechanism and improved operability considering microprosite mounting.

Major features

  • Compatible with optional Micro Prosite
    The slide is designed exclusively for mounting Micro Prosite (sold separately). By removing the rear sight at the rear of the slide, you can attach the microprosite directly. In addition, the attached high-mount base can mount the micro-procite at a high position, and it is also possible to sight through the micro-prosite at the mount-integrated backup site.
  • Custom to improve operational reliability and speed
    Employs a flat type short trigger and semi-long type slide stop for easy trigger control. A wide serration and ribs (protrusions) are added to the slide to make it easier to pull the slide when the microprosite is installed.
  • Powerful blowback
    The model is a model that realistically reproduces the force of appearance and the strong reaction at the time of launch.
  • Upgrade internal mechanism
    New blowback engine with built-in piston and “M45A1” short recoil system. The operation stability is improved while the microprocite is installed at a low position.
  • Metal notch spacer
    The metal parts inside the slide take the burden when the slide is open and prevent the slide stop and notch from being scraped or damaged.
  • Mount rail included
    A mount rail can be added in front of the trigger guard. A flashlight compatible with rails with a width of 20 mm can be installed.
  • Die-cast magazine
    Includes a die-cast magazine that resists cold.


  • Build Material : ABS
  • Magazine Capacity : 20
  • Length : 222mm
  • Barrel Length : 112mm
  • Weight : 839g
  • System: Gas Blowback
  • Fire Mode : Semi Auto-Auto
  • Package Includes : Blaster, Magazine

Gas Type: Duster gas, ie 144a, is recommended for this pistol OR 12kg Green Gas - PLEASE NOTE USING C02 IN THIS PISTOL WILL VOID WARRANTY - We highly recommend getting a metal slide to run green gas.


  • TM Spec Gel Blaster DOR Hi-Capa x 1
  • Standard HI-Capa Magazine x 1


  • We've Tested working; AUSGEL ULTRA GELS for no more than 3 hour grow in water. Other hardened gels will work with various optimised growing times.

    3 Month Warranty on this product with proper use and Maintenance. Misuse will void your warranty.