Tokyo Marui 5.1 Government Hi Capa Gel Blaster

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Tokyo Marui 5.1 Gold Match Hi-Capa Gel Blaster Gas Pistol! 

The absolute #1 Gas Pistol brand in the world, this Gas Pistol has access to a wide variety of upgrades and modifications including ALL TM-Spec parts on my website; Guarder / Nine Ball / Dr Black

This Gas Pistol is also compatible with all brands of existing Hi Capa Magazines including; Guarder / AW Custom / WE Tech / Army Armament / Double Bell / Golden Eagle / JG Works / GBF Predator 

Purchase includes FREE Pistol Case

The Hi-CAPA 5.1 Government model is a high-capacity (high-capacity) Government designed with the latest concepts from the custom government of the front-line Special Forces and shooting guns.
The double-column magazine covers the Government's only weak point, its low ammunition capacity, and the frame is slim, combining a polymer (resin) grip with a metal chassis to neatly accommodate the large magazine. The slide is a square heavy type designed to accommodate the .45 ACP Military Ball + P heavy round. The Picatinny standard (20mm width) under rail is included, making it an all-purpose model with a choice between a tactical style that can be fitted with various flashlights and a rail-less sporting style.

Main Features

  • Various parts with chrome plating
    The chrome-plated finish on the outer barrel and square hammer provides a pleasing contrast to the black body.
  • Fully adjustable rear sight
    The rear sight can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. This allows for more precise shooting in accordance with the distance from the target.
  • Ambidextrous thumb safety
    A semi-wide thumb safety is installed on both the left and right sides, making it a practical style that can be used with any handles.
  • Rectangular Heavy Type Slide
    Anti-reflective grooves, which are carved into the upper surface of the slide, prevent reflected light from entering the eyes when sighting.
  • Under rail included
    Holes can be made in the frame with a special tool and screwed securely in place. A flashlight compatible with a 20mm-wide rail, essential for modern combat, can be attached.
  • Powerful blowback
    The slide retracts with a powerful force upon firing, realistically reproducing the powerful recoil of the weapon.
  • High Capacity Magazine
    A large magazine with high gas capacity is included.


  • Build Material : ABS
  • Magazine Capacity : 20
  • Length : 222mm
  • Barrel Length : 112mm
  • Weight : 894g
  • System: Gas Blowback
  • Fire Mode : Semi Auto
  • Package Includes : Gun, Magazine

        Colour: Black

        Gas Type: Duster gas, ie 144a, is recommended for this pistol OR 12kg Green Gas - PLEASE NOTE USING C02 IN THIS PISTOL WILL VOID WARRANTY - We highly recommend getting a metal slide to run green gas.


        • Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi Capa Pistol x 1
        • Standard 5.1 Hi Capa Magazine x 1

        GEL GROWTH

        • We've Tested working; AUSGEL ULTRA GELS for no more than 3 hour grow in water. Other hardened gels will work with various optimised growing times.

          3 Month Warranty on this product with proper use and Maintenance. Misuse will void your warranty.