Umarex Heckler & Koch VP9 Gas Blowback Gel Blaster Deluxe Ver.

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Includes Free Pistol Case!
Deluxe Version includes Steel upgrade parts; Night Sights, Deflector & Take Down lever

System : Gas Blow Back
Material : Full Metal Slide, Nylon Grip
Weight : 743g (With Magazine)
Magazine : 18

Known as the SFP9 in Germany and as the VP9 on the international market, this Heckler & Koch pistol meets the stringent requirements of police units and is highly popular in the civilian market. The Tactical version, which has a wide range of functions, features a slightly longer barrel with a muzzle thread.

Gas Type: Duster gas, ie 144a, OR 12kg Green Gas is recommended for this pistol - PLEASE NOTE USING C02 IN THIS PISTOL WILL VOID WARRANTY.


  • We've Tested working; AUSGEL ULTRA GELS for no more than 3 hour grow in water. Other hardened gels will work with various optimised growing times.

    3 Month Warranty on this product with proper use and Maintenance. Misuse will void your warranty.