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Magazine is compatible with all WM branded Gas Blow Back Rifles

The new WM Mk2 MWS GBBR mag is here!

With a new and improved mag lip design, 70 degree seal and innovative follower and track design this mag performs better than any other MWS mag in the market.

The captured follower design negates the risk of loosing your spring and follower while reloading.

The new mag lip design ensures the gels are in the optimum position at every shot! 

Utilising the 70 degree seal improves gas seal with the nozzle increasing the fps of your blaster. Please note that gas choice is important for players wishing to play on fields with fps caps.

The material choice as always is superior to other mags in the market. Assisting in quicker cool down and helping prevent icing of the mag. 

The tolerances in the WM manufacturing process is evident in the finishings on this mag.  

You can't go wrong when you support innovation.

This mag is compatible with all MWS platforms.

1 x WM MWS GBBR mag.