Gel Blaster Gas Pistols Tokyo Marui

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Gel Blaster Gas Pistols Tokyo Marui

So its Christmas and we've got a great line up of Gel Blaster Gas Pistols coming in this month with the first release; The Desert Eagle! All 3 models will be available very shortly with a follow up 2nd batch due in along with USP, 4.3 & 5.1 Hi Capas on approx 18th December!

We're expecting the MK23 late this month, or with the way public holidays go and customs shutting down, they may be released in January along with the Beretta M92!

I'm very excited we're bringing out all these amazing and iconic pistols! It's our very unique Gel Blaster project to bring in what most around the world consider one of the best gold standard of Gas Pistols on the market!

Wanna check out a sample of the Desert Eagle?! Come check out our shop! We have the Chrome and 10" Hunting models available to hold!

We'll keep you in the loop!

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    I am interested in purchasing the TM Beretta 92F , can you either put me on the list or advise when they actually arrive.

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