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2011, Armoured Heaven, Armourer Works, G17, G19, Gas Blow Back, Gas Pistols, GBB, Glock, Hi Capa, Race Gun, STI -

These Pistols are SO GOOD! They feel great, shoot well and look totally awesome! Each one has the perfect amount of Bling Factor and we have just launched 27 new Gas Pistols on our website! CHECK EM OUT HERE!

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Armoured Heaven, G17, G19, Gas Blow Back, Gas Pistols, Gelsoft, Glock, GP1799, Pistol, We Tech -

You ever thought of owning a sweet Glock Gas Pistol that had that out of box customised look? We got some great new WE Tech brand Glocks! Ranging from $359-435 in price, we have some great standard G17's, right through to the WET tactical custom models such as the G19 T5 and the G17 T3! We showed off a live stream today with their performance firing and I sure LOVE the feel of our new G19! Come check them out in store! We got other Gas Pistols too if you're after something else!

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Armoured Heaven, Beretta, Desert Eagle, Gas Blow Back, Gas Pistols, Gel Blasters, Gelsoft, Glock, Hi Capa, MK23, P226, Pistol, Tokyo Marui, USP -

So its Christmas and we've got a great line up of Gel Blaster Gas Pistols coming in this month with the first release; The Desert Eagle! All 3 models will be available very shortly with a follow up 2nd batch due in along with USP, 4.3 & 5.1 Hi Capas on approx 18th December! We're expecting the MK23 late this month, or with the way public holidays go and customs shutting down, they may be released in January along with the Beretta M92! I'm very excited we're bringing out all these amazing and iconic pistols! It's our very unique Gel Blaster project to...

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