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These Pistols are SO GOOD! They feel great, shoot well and look totally awesome! Each one has the perfect amount of Bling Factor and we have just launched 27 new Gas Pistols on our website! CHECK EM OUT HERE!

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2011, Armoured Heaven, Army Armament, Gas Blow Back, Gas Pistols, Hi Capa -

Hopefully you've heard of these, but if not, you're in for a surprise gem! These TM Spec gas pistols for $370-400 are an absolute bargain and the best part is, they're easily modifiable to support faster shooting, higher fps and longer range with accuracy. Our preview image above is of one of the customs we've done for a customer and the feedback so far is that they're loving it! Below is our stock models of the Army Armament range! The 4.3 and 5.4 Hi Capas! Both amazing in quality and feel. Their grips are well constructed and some of the...

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1911, 2011, Armoured Heaven, Double Bell, Gas Blow Back, Gas Pistols, GBB, Gel Blasters, Gelsoft, Hi Capa, Pistol, Race Gun, STI -

Want a Hi Capa pistol at the best price in town? We got the Double Bell STI-2011 at an absolute bargain! Marked down from $450 to $420, this badass gas pistol packs a whopper of a punch at 290FPS!!! Beautiful metal gold secondary colour really highlights the awesome features of this metal pistol. Including the Grip, Trigger and Hammer Safeties. Want a high capacity mag without needing to go extended? These mags can easily pack 18-20 gel shots of Ultra Elites or control grown AKA gels! One of the best pistols in its price range to run and you can...

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