Supanova Brisbane ROCKED!

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Supanova Brisbane ROCKED!

We just got back from Supanova Brisbane and it was such a great show!

Big thanks to our helpful sales team on the day; Ken, Niki, Joel and Andre. Thanks to Alex for providing his technical support and as always, thanks to Dad Jon for making sure kids don't go wasting all the batteries in our sample blasters.

Whilst attending, we ran some great deals and we've extended our Automatic $100 off Metal Blasters for this week with Jon's B'day Sale!

The convention, whilst smaller this year than regularly, due to Covid, offered attendees an intimate setting to check out the serious players that bring the best stuff to these conventions year round. The Armoured Heaven team laid out the best Gel Blasters we had on hand as well as Gas Pistols and a wide variety of accessories, spoiling our customers for choice!

Overall it was a fantastic weekend, with plenty of cosplay to enjoy and we can't wait for next year's Gold Coast Supanova event!

One of our fans made a bee line to our store to grab a photo with Brad as Big Boss!

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